Procedure for calculating the amount of the membership fee

The amount of the membership fee depends on the size of the brigadier's deployment, which has its measurable form in the number of hours worked, which are recorded in the Brigades table. The amount of the membership fee is calculated by the executive committee. Members are only required to record hours worked in the Brigade table.

To understand the principle of calculating the membership fee, please follow the following example.

Let's start from the following table No. 1, which indicates the number of members, the type of their membership and the number of hours worked.

Table Nr.1

Name Member Number of volunteer hours
Member 1 R 0
Member 2 R 10
Member 3 R 15
Member 4 R 20
Member 5 R 25
Member 6 H 20
In total 5xR +1xH In total 90 hours

From table no. 1, we learn that the membership base has 5 regular members and 1 honorary member, who is exempt from paying the membership fee in accordance with the statutes.

In the given year, the executive committee announced a basic membership fee of CZK 1,000. He will therefore expect a total payment of CZK 5,000 from 5 regular members. At the same time, it was stated that the allowance will vary according to the hours worked for LTC. Therefore, the following variables will appear in the calculation:

  1. ZČP – basic membership fee = 1000 CZK
  2. PŘČ – number of regular members = 5
  3. SOP – součet očekávaných plateb = ZČP x PŘČ = 1000 x 5=5000 Kč
  4. POH – percentage of the total number of hours worked by regular members (changes for each member according to Table No. 2
  5. NČP – non-reduced membership contribution according to Table No. 3
  6. VČP – calculated membership fee

A new total of the total hours will now be performed, subtracting the hours of the honorary members. Then the POH parameter is calculated, which indicates the percentage of the total number of hours worked.

Table No. 2

Name Member Number of volunteer hours A fraction of the total POH
Member 1 R 0 0 0 %
Member 2 R 10 10/70 14 %
Member 3 R 15 15/70 21 %
Member 4 R 20 20/70 29 %
Member 5 R 25 25/70 36 %
Member 6 H does not count
In total 5xR +1xH 70 hours counted in total total 100 %

Now we will calculate the Unreduced membership contribution in Table No. 3, when we calculate the number given by the formula NČP=SOPx(1-POH) for each member.

Table No. 3

Name Member POH NČP=SOPx(1-POH)
Member 1 R 0 % 5000x(1-0)=5000
Member 2 R 14 % 5000x(1-0,14)=4300
Member 3 R 21 % 5000x(1-0,21)=3950
Member 4 R 29 % 5000x(1-0,29)=3550
Member 5 R 36 % 5000x(1-0,36)=3200
In total 5xR +1xH total 100 % 20000 in total

And now the final step is carried out in Table No. 4, when the NČP is changed to the calculated membership contribution (VČP).

Table no. 4

Name Member NČP VČP=NČP-(celkem NČP-POH)/PŘČ
Member 1 R 5000x(1-0)=5000 5000-(20000-5000)/5=2000 Kč
Member 2 R 5000x(1-0,14)=4300 4300-(20000-5000)/5=1300 Kč
Member 3 R 5000x(1-0,21)=3950 3950-(20000-5000)/5=950 Kč
Member 4 R 5000x(1-0,29)=3550 3550-(20000-5000)/5=550 Kč
Member 5 R 5000x(1-0,36)=3200 3200-(20000-5000)/5=200 Kč
In total 5xR +1xH 20000 in total A total of CZK 5,000

Member No. 1 pays the most, 2000 CZK for no hours worked. Member No. 5 pays the least, who sends only CZK 200 to the LTC cash box.

This contribution will be calculated after the spring work. After the calculation, a new clean table will be published on the Brigade page. Autumn brigades will also be registered there, and therefore the hours worked at the end of last season will also be taken into account in the total number of hours that affect the calculation of the membership fee.

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